AEMC MX57EX TRMS Intrinsically Safe Digital Multimeter, 50 Megaohms Resistance, 750V AC, 1000V DC Voltage, 500mA AC/DC Current

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Manufacturer Description

The AMEC MX57EX intrinsically-safe electronic multimeter (also referred to as a multitester) determines current, existing, electrical power, regularity, harmonics, stage rotation, temperature, protection, as well as Revoltions Per Minute, as well as performs diode as well as continuity exams in dangerous or even explosive settings including oil refineries, unearthing operations, as well as pharmaceutical vegetations. This meter is actually taken into consideration to become an easy device, without inductive or even capacitive problems that are actually bothersome in dangerous or even explosive environments. Dimensions feature current, existing, electrical power, harmonics, kW, kVAR, PF, DPF, kWh, KVARh, kVAh, VA, stage rotation, temperature, Revoltions Per Minute, as well as protection. Time domain name sizes feature regularity, role pattern, stop-watch, as well as pulse counter (Hz). A continuity exam validates a circuit administers electric power, as well as a diode exam identifies appropriate functioning of a circuit's diodes. The meter displays minimum, max, as well as average, as well as a grip component maintains the reading on the display for audio. The meter can store up to 9 sets of checking out amounting to 99 snapshots for volts, amps, electrical power, as well as harmonics. Records can be transmitted to a computer system utilizing the optically-isolated USB port. The meter consists of exam tops as well as directions.

This true RMS (origin way square) meter supplies accurate analyses when gauging straight tons, such as regular induction electric motors as well as incandescent lights, where the existing or even current possesses an undistorted waveform, or even nonlinear tons, such as digital tools or even electric motors, where the existing or even current possesses an altered waveform. Air Conditioning + DC true RMS supplies sizes bearing in mind the Air Conditioning as well as DC waveforms. The meter possesses vehicle- as well as manual-ranging settings. In auto-ranging setting the meter immediately chooses the right operating array for the residential or commercial property being actually assessed. Manual-ranging setting demands the driver to pick the ideal operating array for the residential or commercial property being actually assessed. The Liquid Crystal Displays possesses a 50,000-count settlement, implying it can display up to 49,999 systems just before the operating array needs to have to become modified. A 34-segment bar graph supplies analog readout. The meter is actually Access Defense accredited IP67 for security against gasoline, dirt, as well as water, as well as fulfills International Electrotechnical Compensation (IEC) safety regular 61010-1:2001, Norme Francaise European Union (NF EN) 50014, EN50014:1992, NF EN 50020, European Union (EN) 50020:1994, IECEx LC107.0010 X, LCIE 02 ATEX 6005X, as well as ExII 2 G D or even Exl M2. Inherent safety rankings feature Ex lover ib I, Ex lover ib IIC T5 or even T4 or even T3, as well as Ex lover ibD 21 T.SpecificationsSampling regularity256 samples/cycleVoltage (TRMS)Phase-to-Phase: 660V
Phase-to-Neutral: 600VExisting (TRMS)MN Clamp: 5mA to 6 amp/120 amp or even 2 to 240 amp
MR clamp: 10 to 1000 amp Air Conditioning, 10 to 1,400 amp DC
SR clamp: 3 to 1,200 amp
MiniFlex: 10 to 1000 amp
AmpFlex: 10 to 6500 ampFrequency (Hz)40 to 70HzHarmonics1st to 50thVarious other sizeskW, kVAR, PF, DPF, kWh, KVARh, kVAh, VA, stage rotation, temperature, rpm, protection, continuity, diode examinationRecords storageOutlets 9 sets of analyses up to 99 snapshots for volts, amps, electrical power, as well as harmonicsCommunication portOptically isolated USBElectrical power source9V electric batteryProtection rankingsElectrotechnical Commission (IEC) 61010-1:2001 NF EN 50014, EN50014:1992, NF EN 50020, EN 50020:1994Organization certificationsIECEx LC107:0010
IEC 61010-1:2001
LCIE 02 ATEX 6005 X
ATEX II 2GD or even ATEX I M2, Ex lover ib 1, Ex lover ib IIC T5 or even T4 or even T3, EX-SPOUSE ibD 21 TSignificance as well as Sizings1.9 pound./ 0.88 kg, 8.3 x 4.3 x 2.4 inches/211 x 108 x 60mm (H x W x D)

H is actually elevation, the upright span coming from the most affordable to acme; W is actually width, the parallel span coming from delegated right; D is actually depth, the parallel span coming from front to back.Multimeters are actually electric exam meters that gauge a number of properties of an electrical circuit, such as existing, current, protection, capacitance, as well as continuity. Readily available in portable or even benchtop designs, multimeters diagnose electric issues in electric devices, wires, as well as electrical power supplies. A range of probings, clamps, as well as leads can be utilized to attach the meter to a circuit or even device. Multimeters display details either in analog or even electronic form. Elements that determine meter selection feature the electric properties to become assessed, the awaited stable of results, as well as the intended level of security against passing current. Protection rankings are actually based upon International Electrotechnical Compensation (IEC) specifications for low-voltage exam devices. IEC 61010 delineates four overvoltage installation categories. Typically, a gauge with a category IV ranking will definitely supply even more security against passing currents than a gauge with a lower group rating.AEMC Instruments

produces electric screening as well as size instruments, including clamp meters, electrical power top quality analyzers, ground protection specialists, as well as information loggers. The company, established in 1893, is actually headquartered in Foxborough, MA.What's in the Box?AEMC MX57EX electronic multimeter Exam leads Guidelines

Product Features

Intrinsically safe digital multimeter for use in dangerous or explosive atmospheres including oil refineries, mining operations, and pharmaceutical plants True RMS meter provides accurate readings when measuring linear or nonlinear loads where the current or voltage has a sinusoidal or nonsinusoidal waveform Measurements include voltage, current, power, frequency, harmonics, kW, kVAR, PF, DPF, kWh, KVARh, kVAh, VA, phase rotation, temperature, rpm, resistance, continuity, and diode check Maximum, minimum, and average functions display the highest, lowest, and average reading in a session to track a sudden increase or decrease in readings Meets IEC safety standard 61010-1:2001, IECEx, ATEX, and is Ingress Protection certified IP67

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